Trees Lounge

"would you rather be deaf or rather be blind" she asked | the other night when we sat at some other bar | and it sounded to me like one of those first lines | of famous songs and i replied: "hey! that's quite bizarre | we are alone here at this bar and still i feel the presence of a star | it's you & me & steve buscemi" | then she handed me a package of pepper | in a caramel wrapper along with the bill | she whispered: "i can't protect you, baby | but maybe the spice here will | this is no ordinary night | we two are on a simulation flight | it's you & me & steve buscemi" | she said something like: "you and your virtual tenderness" | and i guess that was when i answered: "i know | you cannot always be with me but i will always have this memory | of you & me & steve buscemi" || hey starlight! | i can spot you here | among those million little lights you'll never disappear | your smile it covers half the northern hemisphere | hey starlight! | although you are not near | it only takes a cloudless sky to feel that you are here
"trees lounge" is the title of a film by and with Steve Buscemi about a bar and thus the perfect title for this song because the lyrics are about a night when a friend and i saw mr. Buscemi at a bar - he must have been in town for some film festival. the song is a pretty accurate description of what happened that night: we were almost the last guests, Steve Buscemi was sitting at the counter on his own, and when the waitress started to clear the tables a pimp came in who looked exactly like willie deville and was accompanied by two prostitutes. they sat down at the table next to us and ordered a round of alcohol-free beer. so we sat there at twothirty in the morning, among steve buscemi, willie deville and a tired, impatient waitress and we blushed each time we looked up from our drinks and our looks met. the girl i was with that night used to work in a small movie theater operating the filmprojectors and i will never understand how they manage to shine brighter than the glowing of her eyes...