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the lift off was spectacular | we were speeding at full pace | you & me on a space walk | the joy was written on your face || i've never seen the stars shine clearer | i've never seen the moon been nearer | we were floating free in zero gravity || on our way past jupiter, | past vega and the milky way | we were lined to each other's space suits | so we wouldn't go astray || now we're a million universes apart | and the black holes that i pass | can't keep up with your heart || i did not hear you cut the line | for in space there is no sound | but you suddenly were distant | when i clumsily turned 'round || with your heavy moon boots you kicked me | waved good bye slowly and then sent me | on an endless space trip while you dock to the ship || i'm at the edges of a universe so vast | and i don't know how long the oxygen will last || if you see something in a night sky that is clear | that's just me burning in the outer atmosfear||
this song is for my grandfather, whom i never got to know. he went to the states before i was born and became an astronaut for nasa. rumor has it that he was a big Sinatra fan and that he sang "fly me to the moon" through the intercom when he went on space walks. the working title of the song has been "i sold my soul to mission control"...