driven by strange dreams i came down to the shore | to find you caught in seaweeds when i wanted to wash all the clothes that i wore | you told me the whales would be the trains of the sea | and the sea itself it would be the tears you cry for me | you could not stand the land that's no reason to mourn | cause i dream every night that you're happy and save now in harbors beyond every storm | your eyes were filled with foam from the trains of the sea | as you promised with weak voice you would (not) come back for me | driven by sad dreams i go down to the shore | in the vain hope to find you in the same place i've found you before| and i wish i could drown with you in the tears you cried for me | as i'm standing here longing like you for the trains of the sea | but the tears that you cried for me they are not what i need | as i'm missing you so tonight that my nose starts to bleed||
this is one of the first 200 lurkers tracks and i must admit that it sounds a little dated. nausikaa was a princess who found odysseus washed upon the shore when she went down to the water to wash her clothes. thematically it's pretty close to Suzanne Vega's "Calypso". i once knew a girl who was called nausikaa - she had greek ancestors but was not really much of a princess. nevertheless she used to save stranded sailors...