The Little Lighthouse

sometimes i wish i could talk to you in capitals because you know they're so BIG | and sometimes things are just too good to be true | and as bizarre as the photo in which marilyn is reading joyce | and as paradox as the race between achilles and the tortoise | just like that dream you have of a little life | without reason to hide | without reason to write || your eyes are filled with fear that you have known before | that out of the dark ocean sharks will jump upon the shore | - but good things never end || sometimes i wish i could talk to you in capitals but you know they are so BIG | i keep wearing my 'nerve bible' t-shirt here, halfway between heaven & my memory | here, where i keep a candle burning in my window every night | here, in the little lighthouse for a ship that went down long ago| sunken with torn sail and crushed by a whale || your eyes are filled with fear that you know from your past | that on the way from hand to mouth god will fall into the dust | - but good things never end||
there was a lighthouse were we used to spend our holidays when i was a child and i remember passing the evenings on the top floor of the tall tower running around and around the turning light trying not to get caught in its beam. by the way: i still got a couple of 'nerve bible' t-shirts left. contact me if you'd like to get one. i think you can tell from the song that i'm really fond of laurie anderson's work... maybe too much so. the first line of "the little lighthouse" developed a life of its own, and i have found it a couple of times being quoted on the internet.