I Long To Hold Some Lady

I long to hold some lady | For my love is far away, | And will not come tomorrow | And was not here today. || There is no flesh so perfect | As on my lady's bone, | And yet it seems so distant | When I am all alone: || As though she were a masterpiece | In some castled town, | That pilgrims come to visit | And priests to copy down. || Alas, I cannot travel | To a love I have so deep | Or sleep too close beside | A love I want to keep. || But I long to hold some lady, | For flesh is warm and sweet. | Cold skeletons go marching | Each night beside my feet. ||
the lyrics to this song are by leonard cohen from his volume of poetry The Spice Box of Earth. i set it to music a very long time ago, i think it even might be one of the very first melodies i ever came up with. i always felt that the song has a funny medieval touch (both for the music and the lyrics), hence the harpsichord.