you still haven't answered yet | you say "i" when you mean "we" | today i am the one you love | tomorrow i am me || thomas is a daddy now | his baby is a she | today i am the one who writes | tomorrow i am me || cedric is still wearing black | have i said this before? | have i said this before? || i don't know what else to write | there is no end to fear | today i am estra-gone | tomorrow vladimir | today i am missing you | tomorrow i am me
this one was inspired by an event on december 11, 1989 when i spotted samuel beckett sitting in a cafe in paris. i did not dare to approach him so i just stood at a newsstand pretending i was leafing through the magazines while i was watching him for almost half an hour. he was starring onto the street with a mixture of boredom and fear. the next day i learned that he had died. thomas and cedric are [f]actual persons: thomas has two daughters now. and cedric is still wearing black. have i said this before?

the 2010 version was recorded during band practice in the rehearsal room