Available Light

walking out, standing foreign | the air turns blue and dies | the morning that would never brighten | the light loosens its ties | i'm your misplaced belisha beacon | i'm the one you didn't find | you are my memento mori | i thought we had more time | maybe I know far too much | maybe I can read the signs | leave before the seas get rough | but too late this time | trammeled gears, shutter stutters | the film is forced to freeze | melting scenes that coined the colors of your memories | i'm your missplaced super eight reel | i'm your available light | each frame crumbled and resembling the chroma-crisis of your sight | maybe i've seen too much, | maybe i can read the signs | leave before the storm picks up | but too soon this time | i know there's no place for us | (there are few things time cannot heal, you're not one of them) |