Aglajan Sea

one night back in 2006 i am sitting by the bar while she is counting money asking: "honey would you like another final beer before i close this rotten place?" | there's a fake name on her apron 'cause the real one sounds too strange. she looks at me with knowing eyes and then sighs and we both don't say a thing for the longest time | when she speaks again she stares into her drink, her voice at the brink of breaking: "my heart will grow around the pain just like a perfect pearl..." | but what good is a heart of pearl that she hides from me? not even whales can dive that deep into the aglajan sea | and if she would ask me now i'd run anywhere, anywhere with her | cause all that waits for me at home is really just worth running from ||
this song is for a friend of mine with the unusual name "aglaja" who is part-time working at a bar at which i'm part-time hanging around. i've spent many nights there writing on my laptop until she closed the place. the song features vocals from the group sing to soul